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Magyar Suzuki Zrt.

Magyar Suzuki Zrt. is a major operator in the European vehicle manufacturing industry, and one of the leading industrial companies in Hungary. We have been recruiting for intellectual jobs on behalf of the company for more than ten years. During this time, we have filled hundreds of vacancies for mechanical, electrical and mechatronics engineers at the company.

We are not only looking for excellent professionals within the country: we have expanded the Magyar Suzuki Zrt. team with a significant number of Indian employees, who are recruited in several stages, with travel arranged to Hungary.


Waberer's International Nyrt. is one of Europe's leading international full truck load (FTL) carriers in the segment of those providing services with own fleet, and the market leader in Hungary in the field of domestic goods transport and complex logistics services. 

Our cooperation, which has offered several new drivers start their international driving careers at the company, was one of Bányai Consulting's biggest projects in 2021. Their recruitment, selection and aftercare has been organised by our company ever since.


AFT has been present in Hungary as a member of the ARC Group since 2001. They develop and manufacture customised metal parts for their partners. Their clients include world-famous brands such as Tesla and Ferrari.

More than 30 years ago, their engineers developed a great process that combined traditional powder metallurgy with plastic injection moulding. Metal parts are produced in the millions, extremely quickly and precisely, for almost every industry, from automotive through weapons production to space technology.

We have been placing machine operator and metalworking staff for AFT-Hungary Kft. since 2022, taking part not only in recruiting, but also in providing aftercare support following hiring.

CEVA-PHYLAXIA Veterinary Biologicals Co.

Ceva is one of the 10 fastest growing animal health companies in the world. They employ 6,000 people in 44 countries around the world, including 13 research and development centres and 23 manufacturing plants.
Headquartered in Budapest, Ceva-Phylaxia is part of the Ceva Group and is active in vaccine research and production. Over the past decade, it has become increasingly successful abroad, exporting 95% of its products to major meat-producer countries such as Brazil, Thailand, China, Mexico and South Africa. The company is committed to innovation – as they put it, innovation is at the heart of each of their activities.

We are proud to contribute to the success of the company by recruiting a large number of Indian microbiologists and biotechnologists and bringing them to Hungary. 

Weiss Manfréd Works

Founded by Manfred Weiss in 1911, the Csepel foundry has been operating from the beginning on its current site located in the Csepel Industrial Park.

In recent decades, the foundry has specialised in the production of pump and machine tool castings, which are complex, high-core gray and ductile cast irons. Owing in part to its highly skilled team of engineers and technicians with extensive manufacturing experience, its products are available in both the EU and US markets. 

Since 2022, our client has been receiving a steady stream of Indian workers we recruited: mainly foundry workers, crane and forklift operators arrived at the Csepel site with our help. 

Duvenbeck Logisztikai Kft.

With more than 34 sites and 6,500 employees in 8 countries, the Duvenbeck Group is one of Europe's leading international logistics companies. To date, Bányai & Partners Consulting has placed hundreds of international drivers at them to help transport goods across Europe. We also help our clients with our specialised and high added value aftercare services.

Flextronics International

Flextronics Magyarország supports its domestic and multinational partners with its extensive experience in a wide range of industries. Their customers use their services to adapt quickly and efficiently to market challenges – at any stage of the lifecycle of their products.

They offer complex services in five cities in Hungary – Zalaegerszeg, Sárvár, Tab, Gyál and Budapest – from product design through engineering, manufacturing, and service activities to complete supply chain management. We recruit intellectual and manual labourforce for them, and help Flex with outsourcing solutions to ensure the operation of their production lines.

Magyarmet Finomöntöde Kft.

Since its foundation in 1981, Magyarmet Kft. has been using the wax melting precision casting process, making it Hungary's leading fine foundry. Its ready-to-install components are used in various sectors of the manufacturing industry. Its wide range of products includes food processing machinery parts, pump and valve parts, petrochemical, instrumentation and process technology products, products manufactured for energy applications, and automotive components.

Recently, Magyarmet's market development strategy has turned towards the automotive industry: it produces exhaust manifolds for Porsche and a variety of machined, assembled, ready-to-install components for the BMW Group.

We have been providing the recruitment, travel and aftercare of Indian foundry workers for Magyarmet for years.

Polyax Alkatrészgyártó Kft.

The predecessor of Polyax Parts Manufacturing Kft. was founded by János Gál as a classic “garage workshop” in 1986. Thanks to his skills and professionalism, his company continued to operate as a limited partnership from 1996, at that time active in the production of metal components, and machining of semi-finished parts.
Today, they are mainly involved in the production of medium and large series of precision parts, covering the entire manufacturing process from the purchase of base materials to the delivery of finished products. We contribute to the successful operation and development of the company by recruiting and placing of CNC machine operators, and providing aftercare.

TT Sped Kft.

TT Sped Kft. was founded in 1997: they started their business using a single second-hand refrigerated truck, which they used to transport foodstuffs within the country. With their growing volume of orders, they also entered the international transport market in 1999, but domestic transport remained an important factor in the company's life. Their clients include both manufacturing companies and transport companies. The Indian workers we recruit are employed as drivers.

Baton Transport

Danish-owned BATON Transport, a major operator in European transport, and its Hungarian subsidiary is one of our regular clients: We have been recruiting Indian truck drivers for them since July 2022.
We not only obtained Hungarian residence permits for hundreds of their drivers, but also prepared them to pass the exam for the GKI (driver qualification) card. We stay in touch with the drivers after their placement: our aftercare service provides them with full support throughout their employment.

Our CSR project “Trucking for Equality”, initiated by the company to prepare Indian women for obtaining international licenses, has been widely recognized both in India and Europe. Women successfully passing the tests may find employment at BATON Transport.

Duvenbeck Immo

Duvenbeck Immo, which employs more than 1,000 people, carries out complex work as a supplier to the Mercedes factory. Our company provides them with warehouse workers: goods handlers, loaders and assembly team members for the production line. Their workplace community is responsible for the accurate preparation and assembly of small car parts, the preparation of parts sets, the handling of large car parts and the quality control of the finished products for Mercedes.