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Magyar Suzuki Zrt. is a key player in the European automotive industry. They are one of the leading industrial companies in Hungary. Suzuki required more than 100 new employees for its new assembly plant. Positions needed filling across all levels, including executive, administrative and engineering positions. We managed to fill 90% of the empty positions with workers from Hungary and neighbouring countries within three months. We started the recruitment process with an active campaign, and after completing the aptitude tests, we have managed to recruit 137 new employees so far.


One of our biggest projects in 2022 was our collaboration with Waberer’s. Waberer’s International Nyrt. is one of Europe’s leading international full truckload transporters within the market segment of companies providing services with their own fleet. In Hungary, they are the market leaders of domestic transport and complex logistic services. Within the first six months, 76 new employees started their careers as international drivers.

Some of our projects

Our collaboration with Waberer’s had us exploring international markets, but recruiting for Hungarian companies is just as important for us. We have collaborated with Magyarmet, AFT Hungary and Csepel Metall, among others. Our partners also include: Flextronics International Kft., Bridgestone, Audi.