Bányai & Partners Consulting

Our team has several decades of Hungarian and international experience and an extensive network of contacts.

Our flagship service
Indian workforce
The Indian recruitment service of our company can provide an effective solution for your business!

The focus of our activity is the recruitment of Indian workers and their placement with Hungarian employers. We promote their integration, after-care and comprehensive human resource provision. Today, our company has become the leading recruitment company for Indian workers in Hungary.
Our flagship service
Filipino workforce
With our high quality Filipino recruitment and aftercare service, you can overcome the problems caused by labour shortages!

In addition to recruiting and placing Indian workers, we also undertake the recruitment and training of Filipino workers, as well as any official administration they may require. We take care of the necessary conditions for travelling to and living in Hungary. With our high added-value aftercare programme, we support both businesses and workers, facilitating their integration and ensuring legal compliance.

Get to Know Us Better!

We have over a decade of experience in Hungary and abroad.

We offer solutions for everyone. A place for people who wish to continue their carrier at a different organisation, and for organisations looking for future colleagues who are highly likely to become a committed member of their organisation.

We aim to build strong, lasting connections between the two parties.

Finding the best applicants and talents is a difficult task; however, retaining them is an even greater challenge. Bányai & Partners Consulting possesses the knowledge required to meet even the hardest challenges under today’s globalized economic conditions. With our innovative solutions, we are partners in the maximization of the profit producing capabilities of human resources and in the optimization of the human resource processes.

Why us?

We will make your business more competitive by selecting the best possible employee for you.


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